Rogers announces plans to launch NB-IoT network in Canada

Canadian telecoms operator Rogers announced plans to launch narrow-band internet of things (NB-IoT) technology in the country, the carrier said in a release.

The company emphasized that NB-IoT is complementary to Rogers national LTE and LTE-M networks, which are available to IoT customers across Canada, with additional sites continuously being added, starting with Ontario.

In addition, NB-IoT will also enable consumer IoT applications such as personal SOS devices and trackers, the telco said.

According to data provided by research firm IDC Canada, 81% of medium and large-sized Canadian organizations are currently using IoT solutions.

“Business leaders are becoming more and more sophisticated about their connectivity requirements for each IoT deployment,” said Nigel Wallis, vice president of internet of things research at IDC Canada. “Low-power wide area networks enable businesses to rethink their traditional practices by connecting assets and processes that may previously have been physically or financially challenging. This opens the door to making better decisions faster with more accurate data, a critical step to competing in today’s market.”


India investing in NB-IoT

India’s Mobile Operators are investing in deploying NB-IoT Technology for Smart-Cities and relevant Use-Cases.

Bharti Airtel will invest in NB-IoT and is currently looking into the Use-Cases that their customer’s request, according to the Head of Digital Products and IoT.

Reliance will launch NB-IoT in 2020 and Vodafone IDEA started already in February 2019 to pilot the Technology.

New China Mobile Hong Kong 5G store shows IoT-based apps for smart city

China Mobile Hong Kong's (CMHK) opened its newest flagship store in Central last Friday, its first-ever 5G experience store to the public. The store was built to demonstrate and explain how 5G and other technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) open new opportunities.

Customers can experience 5G's low latency and high-volume transmission over multiple simultaneous connections, and learn about the importance of applying 5G technology to commercial and innovative technology sectors – all explained in a comprehensive and easy way.


Australia: NB-IoT and LTE-M Coverage in Australia

NBIoT Coverage Australia.png

NB-IoT Coverage

in Australia

Telstra is providing NBIoT coverage and LTE-M coverage in Australia.

This is good news, and provides you with the possibility to use Sensefinity’s new, battery-saving NBIoT Trackers now in Australia as well!

Here you can check the geographical availability of both IoT connectivity protocols: