An 360° complete IoT tracking solution for businesses


Start Immediately working on your application, don't waste time on the infrastructure.

We provide hardware, communications and cloud.



Plug & Play Sensors

Means to simply select the sensor you need and plug it into the sensor-ready platform.


Instant Notifications

Sensors are automatically connected into the cloud and provides you with alarms, reports and SMS messaging.

Network Inside

Our sensors build a self-organizing, secure network. No configuration necessary. Globally connected with worldwide roaming solution.


Sensefinity Cloud

Easy integration Platform for your assets into the cloud giving you the liberty to focus on business.

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Within 5 minutes you can run your IoT solution.


Location and tracking

You can monitor your assets with localization by GPS, GSM cell triangulation, or even indoor localization.

Proactive alarming

Receive your notifications via SMS, email, phone or any device.