Internet of Cargo

Australia: NB-IoT and LTE-M Coverage in Australia

NBIoT Coverage Australia.png

NB-IoT Coverage

in Australia

Telstra is providing NBIoT coverage and LTE-M coverage in Australia.

This is good news, and provides you with the possibility to use Sensefinity’s new, battery-saving NBIoT Trackers now in Australia as well!

Here you can check the geographical availability of both IoT connectivity protocols:

AT&T Launches NB-IoT Network In USA

Now with the advent of NB-IoT in the USA we start to see how Narrowband Technologies will be able to work seamlessly in a global fashion to start replacing GSM as the global standard for M2M solutions.

A truly global solution for the Internet of Cargo will eventually be able to emerge based on low unit-costs and long battery lifetime.