"Eventually, Everything Connects", this famous quote by the geniuses Charles and Ray Eames, clearly defines the huge potential for innovation that the Internet of Things encompasses. Sensefinity helps with IoT Transformation by offering services to transform your business.

food delivery


Supervision of Food Delivery and ambulant sale with automatic HACCP registry. 

With our solutions, Retailers have been able to control the quality of their deliveries, be it prepared meals or groceries.



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Retrofit of Existing processes bringing them into the Cloud for analysis and alarms.

With Sensefinity's solution, you can instantly digitalize your process by connecting your existing sensors with a Sensefinity Sensor or Router. The Sensor becomes instantly available in Sensefinity's Cloud and you can immediately start working with the incoming data.

With this solution, Sensefinity's customers were able to digitalize their processes and enter the IIoT without having to invest in new machines

Using Sensefinity's Sensor is the easiest way to create the digital twin for your asset.



Sensefinity is creating the Internet of Cargo to enable real-time visibility in global logistics chains. Both in transit and in storage. Using Sensefinity's Laterala Indoor Real Time Location to raise alarms and calculate KPIs, Sensefinity's customers were able to improve their processes to remain relevant.

Just attach a Sensefinity Sensor into your asset and use Sensefinity's Laterala RTLS to be able to start getting real-time positioning for your assets.

Based on this data you can implement actions to be triggered according to the real position of the asset and even calculate KPIs for process improvement.

Cold Chain

Sensorice Retrofit.png

Sensefinity's Cold-Chain supervision Perfect Cool can be used to decrease the waste by alarming on abnormal events. This will prevent food-spoilage and waste and prevent health-hazards related with inefficiencies in food-safety monitoring by sending low temperature alarms. Furthermore HACCP implementation can be automated to further alleviate hospitality operators. The system is in use in dairy companies, pharmacies and cafeterias.



With Sensefinity you can instantly digitize your product. Be it a Vehicle, a machine or container. Sensefinity can help you to create the digital version of your product.


Sensefinity is working in integrating the technology for the Internet of Cargo natively into products of several companies.

Sometimes good ideas need a spark. Contact us if you need inspiration and challenge us to propose solutions on how you could benefit from the Internet of Things.

We are available to help your teams find a way to benefit from your assets through workshops, consulting and pilot projects.


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