How your Product or Process can be on the Cloud Today

Quickly Digitalize and build your i4.0 Product with Sensefinity

Multi-Tenant, Cloud Applications, Blockchain and API

Multi-Tenant, Cloud Applications, Blockchain and API

Cloud, Blockchain & API

Sensefinity provides out-of-the-box cloud integration for sensors.

Start immediately seeing your data and visualize it.

Blockchain provides auditability of your data.

An API is available for you to build on-top of Sensefinity's platform.

Secure, Automatic Networking

Secure, Automatic Networking

Effortless Networking

Sensefinity offers a secure, automatic mesh networking protocol that you can re-use for your products.

Additionally a global SIM contract is offered for the worldwide connectivity without hassle.

You can even connect to satellite networks to provide real global coverage, even at the sea.

Plug & Play Sensors

Plug & Play Sensors

Plug & Play SensorS and NB-IOT Gateways

Sensefinity's sensor platform is Plug&Play capable, offering you the possibility to plug-in your own, favourite sensor.

We support any 4mA-20mA capable sensor and it is recognized and immediately displayed on the cloud via 4G or NBIoT Gateways.