Real-Time Indoor Tracking and Business Intelligence

 for Your Assets


Cloud Intelligence provides you with:

√ Real Time indoor location of your asset

√ Position Based triggers to automate actions or calculate efficiency KPIs

√ Configuration of Alarms based on activity and position

√ Interconnection with ERP systems to enhance ERP with Real Time process Information

Laterala real time indoor location

Intelligent Routers provide you with:

√ Simple and flexible RTLS implementation

√ Easy and Flexible installation, no need for fixed RFID gates. Doesn’t need expertise to install and maintain.

√ Indoor Coverage and Communication capabilities for your assets

√ Tags communicate with installed infrastructure

√ Ethernet Connectivity

√ Mobile Connectivity (NB-IoT and 4G)

smart router

Intelligent Tags provide you with:

√ Real Time Indoor Location (x, y and height)

√ Real Time On Move notification and Alarm if unauthorized movement is detected

√ Shock Detection

√ Option: Batteries can be Wirelessly charged

laterala indoor location tag

Integration with Pick To Light / Put To Light systems

pick to light