Cargo Security and Safety


Theft detection

Smart Sensors and Cloud-Based Intelligence to protect your assets against theft.

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To detect Unauthorized Cargo Access and Unplanned Stops, the Internet of Cargo employs Sensor Fusion to detect and alarm about these abnormal conditions. This even allows for the detection of Cargo Theft on moving vehicles.

The Internet of Cargo Cloud can detect theft by detecting unauthorized stops and by correlating contradictory sensor data like motion, light-sources and opened doors. All these sensors can be retrofit or built from scratch into your vehicle, container or box. 

Besides monitoring the Truck, Assets can be tracked on Asset level, improving the granularity of the rule-set capable of being used for detecting abnormal Cargo Behavior.

These sensors can also be used to detect living animals or humans contributing to prevent trafficking.  

Due to the innovative technology of the Internet of Cargo, GPS and GSM jamming can be detected. The system can use other participants in the Internet of Cargo to create alternative communication channels and Alarm the jamming activity.


Cargo Safety

With the help of smart real-time sensors, we can assist pinpoint abnormal conditions on cargo, like increased temperatures, and therefore contribute identify early cargo fires, particularly dangerous in large containerships. The Internet of Cargo Sensors are capable of identifying the exact container, which stack and at which height where the temperature is abnormally rising. 

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Sea-Freight Container Tracker

Real-Time Global Tracking