Real Time Monitoring


Sensors, Real Time Monitoring and Alarmin

Connect the Sensors to your assets to form a digital twin of your asset.

The sensors are intrinsically safe and are available to monitor critical parameters of your process, i.e.:

Sensorice Retrofit.png

- Humidity e.g. for Pharmaceuticals

- Acceleration, e.g. for Powders

- Temperature for Perishables

- Location (both indoor and GPS)

- Door Sensors to detect door opening

- Light Sensor to detect light

- Shock Sensor to detect the right handling of sensitive goods

- Pressure Sensor

- Weight Sensor

- Standard Port to interface with any 4-20mA industrial sensor e.g. to measure level of tanks


The sensors can be used to retrofit vehicles, palettes, boxes or containers

Contact us if you want to create a smart product and incorporate the Internet of Cargo into your product or if you want to transform you warehouse into a smart warehouse.