IoT Transformation

Sensefinity - Everything Connects

Sensefinity - Everything Connects

"Eventually, Everything Connects", this famous quote by the geniuses Charles and Ray Eames, clearly defines the huge potential for innovation that the Internet of Things encompasses. Sensefinity helps with IoT Transformation by offering services to transform your business.

Similar to Charles and Ray Eames experimentation with technology, media and design, we are now entering a new era where objects will be able to contribute actively to processes.

Technology has now reached a point where it is both technically and financially feasible to connect every physical asset to back-end IT systems. By doing so, we open systems to be analyzed in a myriad of ways that will lead to improved functionality, productivity and other benefits.

At Sensefinity we are using this inflection point to help our customers to bring their non-digital product into the Internet of Things.

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This is an historic opportunity.

The Internet of Cargo - Setting the standard for the industry

With the Help of Sensefinity, Cargo Operators, Warehouse Managers, Freight Trains and Truck Vendors can update their offerings in order to interact in real-time with the respective cargo, creating the Internet of Cargo.

Sensefinity has outfitted warehouses to become smart-warehouses, retrofitting it with sensors and cloud-based intelligence.

Cold Chain Innovations

Sensefinity is pioneering these trends by creating Sensorice, the fully integrated Cold Chain Management System.

Real-Time sensor-data is key to create connections between processes and cargo, enabling the assets to request the right conditions from the vehicle or storage room they are in and raising alarms on mismatch. 

This is the key for Logistic Innovations, and Sensefinity is helping customers implement novel and secure logistic modalities like food and produce delivery.

Sensefinity's projects have helped improved prevent waste by spoilage.

Industrial Sensors

Sensefinity's new family of products, is optimized for low power consumption and maximum expandability.

Industrial Sensors can be integrated in a matter of minutes into the platform via the Industrial I/O port.

It allows for easy extension via a Plug&Play mechanism which is both easy to use and simple to implement.

This allows for creation of a multitude of use-cases without the need for programming.