Why Integrating your Companies' Assets to the Cloud became a Commodity


Companies have too many assets which are not displayed or represented in IT systems.  These assets can be physical objects like boxes, livestock or even vaccines.


We saw a need for processes to improve, and waste being reduced to increase the bottom lines of businesses, in order for margins to be increased.  Waste by itself is not beneficial, because you’re employing your assets, and not gaining the business results you would expect.


Therefore, companies need to start projects to create digital representation into their backend systems to bring these assets into their IT systems.  At the moment, a lot of work is spent in creating the basics of interconnection between these non IT capable objects in the backend systems.


This often represents more than 80% of the project’s efforts. Now imagine you could eliminate this 80% burden from your project - this is what we do. We create a digital twin of your physical asset, which is usable in the majority of use cases out of the box without the need for further customisation.



Due to the lack of real-time visibility of the conditions of vaccines, there are still children dying every year who get vaccines administered that are not active anymore.  By employing this digital twin, you will be notified of breaks in the cold chain. For instance, the big problems happen when you have power cuts, and then the energy comes back.  So the vaccines are chilled,  the dates are ok, and you don’t suspect anything has happened to them.  But in actual fact, the temperatures, detrimentally, have been altered and not kept at a constant level.  This is a complex case to detect and a major pain point.


On the other hand, if a door is left open, you’ll easily see this and know to throw the vaccines away.  You may lose a lot of money, but not a child because of it.



Farmers are afraid of two things.  If livestock is infected by diseases, the action plan today is to kill the entire livestock. If you had our type of tracking facility, you’d be able to understand and detect which animals may be diseased because of abnormal movement patterns.  Then you could detect where this animal had contact in a historical period.  You could then isolate this animal, so you wouldn’t have to kill the entire group of livestock; just the infected ones.


Another advantage of our product is you can start correlating the produce of your farm.  For instance, if you have a dairy farm where you use the milk to make cheese, you need to understand where the animals feed, and then a few weeks later, analyse the milk and fat to make a high quality cheese.


Cheese is really expensive compared to milk, so you need to know animals’ movement patterns to track where they’ve been feeding, so you can improve the quality of the produce you’re selling, and then sell it at a higher price.


These are examples of what you can immediately achieve if you are able to eliminate the 80 per cent set-up cost, and immediately create more business value.  We have many more uses for train operators, retail and manufacturing, for example.


We can help get real time visibility of rolling stock for retail and manufacturing, and then access the real conditions of their goods, and real time manufacturing status of their machines and the products they’re manufacturing.


We  hope word will spread on how beneficial, lifesaving and crucial our product is for the future and welfare of businesses, people and livestock.


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